We want technology to help us thrive, in times of need and always

Social technology for human potential, not social dilemma!

Because intelligence is no longer the strongest precursor for opportunities.
Opportunities tilt towards transferable soft skills in a hyperglobal and complex world.

Resilience = Thriving vs Coping

What is evrmore?

Evrmore is a smart voice journal that turns key moments of our life into time capsules for self-discovery.

It’s like having your own trainable AI to help preserve your thoughts and memories, with dynamic feedback to improve social & emotional skills.

Key components of evrmore

1. Smart Voice Journal – Record a fleeting thought, a memorable interaction, or reflect at the end of the day in your own voice and own agenda – No chatbots to hijack your thoughts and make you think down a straight line of IFTTT. Keep all your thoughts private, or share as you like in your own evrCast channel.

2. Full-Modal Feedback – It’s a GPS for your emotions and thoughts that helps you navigate emotional encounters and unhelpful thought patterns.

3. Mentor Access & Game Dynamics – Go on quests and set visions to access interest-based mentors and tap into your unique perspectives that keeps you on track to your personal mastery.

Why is it good for young people?

The inner world of young people is a black box for parents, schools, and themselves. Social, psychological, and developmental complexities brought on by digital interactions add to the further decline of overall safety and resilience in young people.

Building adaptive life skills such as interpersonal effectiveness, emotion reframing, and distress tolerance will help them master healthy adaptation with technology WHILE RELATING WITH OTHERS.

Why do we need adaptive intelligence?

We all want to lead a life that is fulfilling and rewarding. And we all need people who are supportive of our efforts and who appreciate our uniqueness in our lives.

Strong presence and resilience are key aspects of a healthy social life, and sociability is an important but often overlooked area of development for young people. We’re able to form healthy and beneficial relationships easily when we build skills that help us adapt to changing situations, recover from emotional encounters, and gaining useful perspectives about ourselves and others in order to keep on moving forward in life.

Evrmore helps people improve their adaptive intelligence to better navigate life events and to counteract adverse effects of the digital age while learning how to form real meaningful connections.

At the core of our products and solutions, is a thoughtful reminder that we’re not a passive receiver of sensory inputs but an active constructor of our action and human potential.

How does evrmore help schools and parents?

Evrmore delivers an integrative solution for emotional health monitoring and social learning - It’s the first evidence-based social analytics that integrate with school systems to provide efficacy and psychosocial data to make our schools safer.

It can help with improving retention, school climate, overall wellbeing and psychological safety of the student body.

Because it does take a village to raise a capable and solid future, and we can all play a role in reshaping digital experiences to place wellbeing back into our digital world.

How can schools and parents get involved?

Evrmore is scheduled to roll out its beta in Q4 2020. We want to help schools, parents, and carers everywhere respond to COVID-19 by providing integrated virtual learning support.

We know everyone’s working diligently to normalize and support the learning and growth of our youth, so at evrmore we’re pushing hard to bring this pilot program into homes and schools.

Interested schools and learning institutions will complete a quick survey that helps us assess implementation and customize for specific needs.

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We welcome researchers and policy-makers of the world to join us!

We also welcome international researchers, educators, and policy-makers involved in civic engagements of the following areas to connect:

  • Psychology
  • Neuroscience
  • Learning theory
  • Health equity
  • Sociology

Because it takes a global perspective and movement to bring betterment to young people everywhere.

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Young people with stronger social and emotional competencies are also more likely to enter and graduate from college, succeed in their careers, have positive work and family relationships, better mental and physical health, reduced criminal behavior, and to become engaged citizens.

National Commission on Social, Emotional, and Academic Development - The Aspen InstituteCouncil of Distinguished Scientists
evrmore Helps Build Presence and Resilience

Inclusive Betterment For All

We are focused on solutions that create betterment for all: Solutions that address the digital behaviors, interactions, and experiences of all communities, including those most in need, and especially those going through a challenging time.

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Because it does take a village to raise a capable and solid future. Evrmore is reshaping digital experiences to place wellbeing back into our digital world.