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evrmore - Reflecting Frequently Help Us Build Agency and Move Towards Our Goals

There are heroic qualities within you waiting to be discovered

Guess what teases out YOUR STRENGTHS?

People who reflect (talk or think things out) frequently are more likely to develop a sense of agency (ability to act independently) and then mastery (ability to change outcomes). Reflecting also helps us have an easier time setting goals, having dreams about what’s possible, and maintaining relationships through difficult times.

Voicing Stuff Out = Calling Things Into Reality

Your reality gets extra when you reflect and why 👇🏼

Mind Perception

If helps you break down what you sense from the outside world which comes at you in lighting speed (1/40th of a second - SO FAST!)

Body Connection

It helps you connect with your body (a super intelligent system that knows a lot)

IRL Motivation

It helps us move forward (towards something, someone, someplace)
evrmore - Your Reality Gets Extra When You Reflect
Say It Like You Mean It

Automatically turn your everyday thoughts, daydreams, and experiences into your flow state.

Game of Archetypes
(and maybe thrones)

Discover how your unique perspectives can help you gradually step into your personal myth.

evrmore - Read Your Own Mind Clearly Like a Map
evrmore lets you create your personal myth, build your personal narrative and sense of purpose
evrmore - Discover Your Awe Factor and Natural Dopamine
Social + Emotional Booster

Dynamic feedback to improve your IRL relationships – with yourself and others in everyday conversations.

Mastery Mapping

A complete body + speech + mind mapping to help you stay on track by being the best version of yourself.

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