Give students the power of social mobility

Their social networks and who they know will define the rest of their lives.

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Because our networks contain real value to help us get by and get ahead

or more of kids WILL DROP OUT or take gap year(s) from COVID-related disengagement
or less of kids from LOW-INCOME brackets will earn a bachelor's degree
jobs come through PERSONAL CONNECTIONS and turn into potential employers

The Case for Social Capital

“The real (hard) truth is - quitting Facebook and social actually produces a long-term outcome that hurts us more than what popular documentaries highlight. It’s not like we can easily transfer all the connections and social capital we’ve built from there to anywhere else that gives us tangible help in real life.”

Ivy Mahsciao
Founder of evrmore

Why schools’ modular architecture costs students and how to reinvent:

Many schools, compounded by COVID aftermaths and particularly those serving low-income and minority students, are not producing the great results that policies or the public hope and expect of them. This is because the different components that make up a student’s life chances and academic success — like health, student support services, academic tutoring, and diverse networks into the knowledge economy — currently fit into stubborn silos.

An interdependent architecture can deliver better retention and produce dramatically better outcome that will extend far beyond school years.

It will be life-changing.

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Built for equity & social capital

Interest-based mentor access for everyone!

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Possibility & Reality Development

Our AI-powered platform dynamically connects students+mentors based on matching interests and curriculum, so school programming and practical learning are continuously being optimized to provide high engagement and tangible knowledge.

Augmented Learning Outcome & Analytics

Active language processing and experiential modeling deliver social and relational insight of aggregated student cohort data to help develop their diversity of interests, experiences, and group learning conditions.

Narrative Identity & Resilience Training

A narrative-driven experience provides students salient moments for self-discovery and exponential learning, while individualized prompts promote an internalized, evolving story for each student that's cohesive and aligns with their personal values.
evrmore provides interest-based mentor access optimized to your school

Maximize Learning & Empower Independence

“We have gendered human needs and created a hierarchy for them — Cognition over emotion, mind over body, self over relationships.
But all humans, regardless of gender, are built for emotion and human connection.”

Niobe Way
Professor of Developmental Psychology

Daring Classrooms

Commitment to Inclusivity, Equity, Diversity, and Belonging

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Future of Education and Workforce with Ethical AI