SEL-centric & student-centered learning

Bring the whole student back online (not just on zoom) and provide life-defining learning experiences in a measurable way.

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You can't improve things you don't measure — understand and functionalize student wellness & learning outcome with evrmore.

or more of kids WILL DROP OUT or take gap year(s) from COVID-related disengagement
or less of kids from LOW-INCOME brackets will earn a bachelor's degree
jobs come through PERSONAL CONNECTIONS and turn into potential employers

Compounded by COVID aftermaths, many schools have been rapidly re-iterating on the same old programs that didn’t work before the pandemic and aren’t going to work now. This is because the different components that make up a student’s overall success, such as their emotional wellness, academic abilities, access to peers and mentors, and a deep sense of belonging and purpose — the most important factor that attributes to high retention rates and student satisfaction — each one of these areas are treated as different programs.

Each disparate program is a line item in expenditure that isn’t measurable and won’t pay off.
It’s time for integrated NEW metrics that provide sustainable student insight.

evrmore's Wellspring Program is a solution platform that dynamically addresses drop-outs and lackluster engagement at the root, in one go.

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Built for equity & social capital

SEL-Centric & Learner-Centered Intelligence

Your school can catapult student success and improve wellness with evrmore


Augmented Learning Outcome & Analytics

Active language processing and experiential modeling deliver social and relational insight of aggregated student cohort data to help develop their diversity of interests, experiences, and group learning conditions.

Narrative Identity & Resilience Training

A narrative-driven experience provides students salient moments for self-discovery and exponential learning, while individualized prompts promote an internalized, evolving story for each student that's cohesive and aligns with their personal values.

Possibility Development

Our AI-powered platform dynamically connects students+mentors based on matching interests and curriculum, so school programming and practical learning are continuously being optimized to provide high engagement and tangible knowledge.
evrmore provides SEL-centric intell to show overall student wellness and engagement

Maximize Learning & Empower Individuality

“We have gendered human needs and created a hierarchy for them — Cognition over emotion, mind over body, self over relationships.
But all humans, regardless of gender, are built for emotion and human connection.”

Niobe Way
Professor of Developmental Psychology

Daring Classrooms

Commitment to Inclusivity, Equity, Diversity, and Belonging

AWS EdStart

AWS Education Technology Member for Augmental Health & Learner Outcome


Future of Education and Workforce with Ethical AI

The Case for Social Capital

The people and relationships we have in life … our ACTUAL social network (not the superficial ones we collect on screen) is the most important factor to not just student outcome but life success. The social and emotional health of students need to be a prerequisite for schools and not merely an intractable phenomena in education. As our education provides us with the learning and humans learn socially and emotionally, to have missing metrics for social and emtional health is why schools are failing in the outcome game.

Ivy Mahsciao
Founder of evrmore