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evrmore Super Shorts - Grit
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Why are we better at things we naturally enjoy doing? It’s a simple question but understanding this will help you become better at things and enjoy them more, and it will help you improve your grit. As with most things in skills-building, it's a practice that gets better the more you do it, but the special bonus here is the…
August 28, 2021
evrmore Super Shorts - Self-Efficacy


Success or failure, our attitudes determine the outcome. Henry Ford said it best “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you are right.” When we have confidence that we can accomplish a task, we look for ways to deal with any obstacles and keep trying until we reach success. When we believe in ourselves, our mind…
August 19, 2021
evrmore Super Shorts - Self-Compassion


Many people are overly critical of themselves. The voice of self-criticism can be so loud, that we do a better job of bullying ourselves than any other person could. People who are highly self-critical are almost never satisfied with themselves. They set impossibly high standards for us, making achieving a goal difficult if not impossible. When we don’t believe that…
August 19, 2021

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