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Reclaim our agency resilience confidence intention self-care literacy personal narrative family bond life stories in an overly diagnosed and anxious world

Core Skills + Mind Training

Powered by Empathy AI®

evrmore is the emotional GPS for you to voice your inner truth

Because we need to know ourselves better than the algorithms (think they) do

evrmore is the first protective technology for our mind in the age of AI and an algorithm-driven world. It helps people develop a strong sense of self with proven, science-backed methods to build healthy mindsets and reclaim our well-being.

For Emerging Adults

Because having the right mindset at the right moment is life-changing.

A judgement-free space that doesn't hijack our thoughts & memories

One app that turns everyday experiences into key moments of self-discovery.

Influential People Who Are (evrmore) Reflective

Improve confidence and resilience by building a protective and evolving storyline for yourself — An authentic personal narrative is a proven pathway to a rewarding life!

evrmore lets you reflect on the true you across time and how to have a strong self narrative

Join the movement for a healthier digital life

our community & partners

Because we’re not a passive receiver of sensory inputs but an active constructor of our action and human potential.

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evrmore for human potential - not social dilemma

The evrmore Empathy AI® platform delivers evidence-based solutions that show how building resilience = improved learning and life outcomes.

Responsible Technology



Headstream Accelerator 2021 FInalist with Support from Melinda Gates' Pivotal Ventures

Accelerator 2021

evrmore is EDTECH Week's Shark Tank Finalist

Shark Tank Finalist

evrmore is an AWS EdStart Member


evrmore is the first protective mindtech that helps everyone turn adversity into moments of growing & thriving