evrmore is the wellbeing GPS that helps young people speak their truth and tap into their superpowers

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evrmore is EDTECH Week's Shark Tank Finalist

Shark Tank Finalist

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Headstream Accelerator 2021 FInalist with Support from Melinda Gates' Pivotal Ventures

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evrmore is the emotional GPS for you to voice your inner truth

Because we need to know ourselves better than the algorithms (think they) do

A trainable AI to help us preserve our unique perspectives and life stories - Turn everyday reflections into a rewarding path through life.

Having the right mindset at the right moment can define who we might become.

A judgement-free social technology that doesn't hijack our thoughts & memories

One app that turns everyday experiences into key moments of self-discovery.

Improve confidence, resilience, and build mastery using simple conversations.

Successful people practice sense-making before they're able to make anything meaningful

A practical secret behind most successful people we know: They’re all masters of reflection – making real meanings out of their thoughts before they’re able to do anything meaningful.

evrmore lets you reflect on the true you across time and how to have a strong self narrative

evrmore for human potential - not social dilemma

The evrmore Empathy AI® platform delivers evidence-based solutions that show how building resilience = improved learning and life outcomes.

Join the Path to a More Rewarding Life

Because we’re not a passive receiver of sensory inputs but an active constructor of our action and human potential.