evrmore is the first social+mentor platform that helps young people own their own stories and find their own path

Transferable Skills Development & Social Mobility
Powered by Empathy AI

evrmore Empathy AI helps us preserve our own thoughts and stories

Because we need to know ourselves better than the algorithms (think) they do

Your own trainable AI to help you record your life stories and your perspectives - Turn your reflections into a rewarding path through life.

Because having the right mindset at the right moment can define who we might become.

The first judgement-free social audio platform that doesn't hijack your thoughts & memories

It’s a smart voice journal that turns key moments of our life into time capsules for self-discovery.

Improve confidence, resilience, and build mastery using simple conversations!

Successful people practice sense-making before they're able to make anything meaningful

A practical secret behind most successful people we know: They’re all masters of reflection – making real meanings out of their thoughts before they’re able to do anything meaningful.

Evrmore helps map your thoughts and memories to your personal mastery
Improve your relationships with friends and loved ones by sharing your journey and quests.
See all your time capsules by themes, moods, and time of day to discover new things about yourself and how you relate to others.
Record your thoughts, daydreams, ideas and visions. Automatically create a series of voice recordings and have your own evrCast channel.
Easily find others sharing similar interests for skills development, access mentors, project opportunities and get real support based on the path you’re on.
See tangible progress of your own development and unlock practical skills that help you stay on track.

How It Works


Talk things out

Evrmore helps you process and unload what's been bottling up
It’s like having your own AI coach. Evrmore learns your voice and your true feelings so you can unload what’s been bottled up to get unstuck.


See hidden patterns

Evrmore lets you see hidden pathways to get unstuck and gain clarity
We all experience conflicting thoughts that make clear thinking difficult. Evrmore helps you identify triggers and patterns so you can see a clear path forward.


Drop into the flow

Evrmore turn your reflections to activate the best version of yourself
Learn what behaviors serve you based on your own situation. Evrmore shows you practical and creative ways to drop into your own flow state.

evrmore for human potential - not social dilemma

The evrmore Empathy AI platform delivers evidence-based solutions that show how building resilience = improved learning and life outcomes.

Join the Path to a More Rewarding Life

Because we’re not a passive receiver of sensory inputs but an active constructor of our action and human potential.