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calling all thinkers dreamers doers seekers rebels magicians warriors altruists sages

and everyone who wants to tap into the power of psychology + mindset

Are you passionate about mental health, neuroscience, psychology, emerging technologies, product development, and the power of your own mind + AI? Well, you’re in the right place!

evrmore - Youth Alchemists Program Application

Application is open now for our new alchemists cohort!

We are looking for like-minded communities to join our Youth Alchemist Program: a group of inspired and motivated people that we will gather with regularly to share personal journeys, discuss and wishlist app features, learn about product design and all the cool science and technology behind the evrmore app that helps us uplevel like no apps have ever done before.

evrmore YAP - Youth Alchemists Program
evrmore YAP - Youth Alchemists Program
evrmore YAP - Youth Alchemists Program

The opportunity = an experiential learning program + future leadership development

evrmore is a new ‘mindtech’ app using psychology to give everyone the motivation we need to uplevel in life! It’s a secret that old-school social media and big tech don’t want you to know about … and evrmore is going to turn that tide so we can all rise up with a healthier tech lifestyle.

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evrmore - Narrative Identity

UPLEVEL: Narrative Identity

Why your story matters (the most)

This is our ability to keep an internalized and evolving story of our life! Having a strong narrative identity means we’re able to build emotional agility in everyday situations while feeling grounded (bonus: it also helps us build authentic confidence).

UPLEVEL: Social Relatedness

How flexibility is more than physical

When we can relate well with others, we build trust in our relationships, improve our mental flexibility, and have natural social comfort and support. Being super relational is being aware and open-minded about the possibilities that surround us, and it’s the #1 determining factor for wellness.

evrmore - Social Relatedness
evrmore - Personal Mastery

UPLEVEL: Personal Mastery

What makes a difference against all odds

We all have felt that ‘flow state’ when our attention automatically flows to the task at hand with almost super-human results — that’s when we’re in the zone! Knowing how to develop your personal mastery means you’re more likely to seek out challenges, invest effort in mastering a skill/art/sport, persist when difficulty mounts, and rebound from failure (like a mind ninja).

If all that sounds amazing, this invitation is for you!

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evrmore is the first protective mindtech that helps everyone turn adversity into moments of growing & thriving