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WHY THIS MATTERS / Having psychological safety IRL and in a digital space can help us honor our personal values and preserve our unique perspectives. We all need an evolving narrative identity that’s uniquely our own and acts as our source of truth, untinged by human or algorithmic biases.

WHY THIS MATTERS / Our personal truths are rediscovered by acting in accordance with our intentions continually, and preserved by our consistent actions across time. When we build core skills that are transferable and quantified, we feel empowered to act in a manner that moves us forward in life.

WHY THIS MATTERS / When we live out our truths in our own protected space and time, we’re able to lift ourselves out of external pressures and preconceived biases. And because nobody has or can cognitively manage 2,000 friends or personal relationships (or 200).

WHY THIS MATTERS / The clarity and usefulness of our inner vision depend on our understanding of how the world works and our place in it, and with it comes lasting transformation.

WHY THIS MATTERS / Because life is complicated and momentary encounters can change the course of a day or an entire lifetime; we need to stay vigilant and protect our digital environments as much as our physical reality.

evrmore is the first protective mindtech that helps everyone turn adversity into moments of growing & thriving