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Student-centered digital wellness school psychologists approved

Bring the whole student back online (not just on zoom) and provide life-defining learning experiences in a measurable way.

Improve student wellness and engagement today

You can't improve things you don't measure — functionalize student mental health & metrics you can count on.


of college dropouts leave school due to mental illness


increase of depression cases reported by National Health Council


and more of Gen Z's prefer tele-everything than in-person care

We partner with colleges and universities to expand access to digital care delivery, and the Wellspring Program is a solution that can dynamically addresses lackluster engagement and deteriorating mental health based on today's behaviors of tech natives.

Compounded by COVID aftermaths, many schools have been rapidly re-iterating on the same old programs that didn’t work before the pandemic and aren’t going to work now. This is because the different components that make up a student’s overall success, such as their emotional wellness, academic abilities, access to peers and mentors, and a deep sense of belonging and purpose — the most important factor that attributes to high retention rates and student satisfaction — each one of these areas are treated as different programs.

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evrmore is the wellness GPS app that helps improve student mental health and engagement. It addresses lackluster engagement and deteriorating mental health based on today's behaviors of tech natives

Get actionable data based in learning & behavioral science

SEL-Centric & Learner-Centered Intelligence

Your school can catapult student success and improve wellness with evrmore


Improve Resilience and Everyday Wellness

Students who use the evrmore app receives resilience training and personalized mental health interventions that meet their digital behaviors, built on game theory and health psychology.

Total Privacy + Autonomy

Students choose what and how much to share in a secured environment that gives them the psychological safety to explore their thoughts and thinking patterns.

Possibility Development

Post-covid it's more than learning loss — it's loss of confidence and the ability to see a clear and promising future. Students learn about strength-based skills they can build while tracking personal goals, so school programming and learning can continuously optimize to provide high engagement and sense of achievement.
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evrmore Wellspring Program - Digital Wellness and SEL for Schools to Improve Learning ROI

“We have gendered human needs and created a hierarchy for them — Cognition over emotion, mind over body, self over relationships.
But all humans, regardless of gender, are built for emotion and human connection.”

Niobe Way
Professor of Developmental Psychology

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Commitment to Inclusivity, Equity, Diversity, and Belonging

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