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We’re an assemblage of people answering the call to address the compound mental health issues we face as a collective

evrmore builds intelligent systems that help people bypass the shadows emerging tech casts on long-term life quality and betterment

A potent mix of social + emotional wellness, psychology & equity

Our team is made up of parents, educators, scientists, technologists and health integrators

We believe intelligent systems built with an empathic framework can help people bypass the shadows emerging tech casts on long-term life quality and betterment.

evrmore CEO - Ivy Mahsciao
Founder + Chief Executive Officer

Ivy Mahsciao

Product Science

Ivy has over two decades of experience building educational and wellness tools in the consumer health space. She has a background in consumer psychology and product science, and has created a category-defining product management portfolio that includes Genentech, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, and Nike that achieved exponential adoption and growth across media, retail, fintech, and life sciences.

In her commitment to mental health parity using integrative health models, she has continuously infused into her UX-led development framework ancient wisdom traditions and from her unique Tibetan Buddhist lineage of HH the Dalai Lama. In the collective trauma exacerbated by COVID, she drives systems change to be generative, ethical, and beneficial. She acts on the principle that everyone needs the right tools to bypass the shadows that emerging tech casts on long-term life quality and betterment, always in service to society and the vulnerable.

Domains she draws on:
🌊 Attentional engagement aka flow
🦄 Behavioral science, digital psychology, meta-learning, self-mastery and mythology
🤖 Ethical implications in tech and AI

evrmore COO - Natanya Wachtel
Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Natanya Wachtel, PhD

Behavioral & Adolescent Health

Natanya is an award-winning B2B2C entrepreneur with previous exits in consumer health companies. She has an extensive background in building digital platforms for some of the largest brands in healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and consumer tech. A multilingual health integrator, she is a Certified Life Coach, Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, and Neuro-linguistic Programming Master Practitioner.

With her behavioral health and public health literacy background, Natanya is helping evrmore build authentic social communities through shared stories and experiences that help improve adolescent wellness.

Domains she draws on:
🧩 Behavioral health modeling and developmental science
🧠 Neuro- and psycholinguistics connection to adolescent development
🗺 Cultural implications on public and behavioral health

evrmore CSO - Inna Yulman
Chief Science Officer

Inna Yulman

Mental Health Research & Programming

Inna has an exemplary hybrid Wall Street leadership and psychology background. She was instrumental in building advanced analytics platforms for some of the world’s largest financial institutions such as Moody’s Analytics, Fitch Ratings, PartnerRe, and JP Morgan.

With a MBA from Stern and her 20+ year senior leadership role in investment management, combined with her focus on personal transformation as a strength coach, she possesses the perfect acumen to overseeing evrmore’s operational health and product promise. Her graduate training in psychology at Harvard and ongoing research on behavioral change, bring a strong knowledge domain in positive psychology and strength theory to elevate evrmore’s overall positioning and prominence in efficacy.

Domains she draws on:
⚖️ Data-driven risk analytics and financial modeling
🌱 Positive psychology and strength-based efficacy
🎯 Human potential optimization

evrmore Advisors

evrmore Advisor - Fabio Gratton

Fabio Gratton

Advisor, Voice AI + R&D

CEO @ InVibe
Inc 5000 Company

evrmore Advisor - Pamela Pavliscak

Pamela Pavliscak

Advisor, Affect Research + Design

Professor @ Pratt Institute
Author of Emotionally Intelligent Design

evrmore Advisor - Ali Mostashari

Ali Mostashari, PhD

Advisor, Scientific Research + Partnerships

CEO @ Lifenome
WEF Global Innovator Company

evrmore Advisor - Dr. Miles Neale

Dr. Miles Neale

Advisor, Trauma-Informed Psychotherapy

Founder @ Contemplative Studies Program
Author of Gradual Awakening

evrmore Advisor - Kwame Scruggs, PhD

Kwame Scruggs, PhD

Advisor, Narrative Identity Development

Board Director @ Joseph Campbell Foundation

evrmore Advisor - Sander Koyfman

Sander Koyfman

Advisor, Digital Therapeutics

Chief Medical Officer, Athena

evrmore PAC – Potential Activation Champions

evrmore PAC - Afshan Hussain

Afshan Hussain

Champion for Diversity & Inclusion

General Manager, Rare Disease
Fishawack Health Group

evrmore PAC - Jay Appel

Jay Appel

Champion for Digital Health Outcomes

Executive Director, Digital Engagement
Bristol Meyers Squibb

evrmore PAC - Alex Kunz

Alex Kunz

Champion for Care Optimization

VP, Strategy & Growth

evrmore PAC - Stina Nanavati

Stina Nanavati

Champion for Psychosocial Health

Managed Services Consultant
Veeva Systems

evrmore PAC - Olivia Nadasan

Olivia Nadasan

Champion for Community Growth

Director of Finance, Global Deal Management

evrmore PAC - Mike Sutch

Michael Sutch

Champion for Impact Measurement

Principal, Public Health Access for J&J
Woodbridge Healthcare Consulting

evrmore PAC - Matthew Tucker

Matthew Tucker

Champion for Commercialization

Chief Commercial Officer
Nightware - FDA Cleared Digital Therapeutic

evrmore PAC - Steve Marshall

Steve Marshall

Champion for Learning Science

Head of Data Studio, AI & Analytics
BNY Mellon

evrmore PAC - Gary Krivin

Gary Krivin

Champion for Enterprise Health

GJK Consulting

evrmore PAC - Matthew Hows

Matthew Howes

Champion for Partnership Activation

Greater Than One

Young people with stronger social and emotional competencies are also more likely to enter and graduate from college, succeed in their careers, have positive work and family relationships, better mental and physical health, reduced criminal behavior, and to become engaged citizens.

National Commission on Social, Emotional, and Academic Development - The Aspen InstituteCouncil of Distinguished Scientists
evrmore Helps Build Presence and Resilience

Inclusive Betterment For All

We are focused on solutions that create betterment for all: Solutions that address the digital behaviors, interactions, and experiences of all communities, including those most in need, and especially those going through a challenging time.

Resilience is the superpower of the 21st century & beyond

Because it does take a village to raise a capable and solid future. We can help to reshape digital experiences to place wellbeing back into our digital world.

evrmore is the first mindtech that helps everyone turn adversity into resiliency — Made with 💖 in NYC