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Strength-based tips about the innate powers of our heart, mind, will, and spirit — brought to you by psychologists, coaches, and mentors

Superpowers we can tap into for the good days and meh days

In a world as far as the other side of the planet or as close as in your phone, these are the tips that will help us stay strong IRL and in this digital world, so we can all uphold humanity with confidence, resilience, and mastery.

Be good to yourself, so you can be good for the world.

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evrmore Super Shorts - Bravery


When I was a little girl, I read a book about how to be a “perfect person”. Yup! (I know, I know!) The key message of it was that to be perfect, one should not rock the boat or take risks, but rather sit quietly in a corner. But guess what? It’s practically impossible to never rock the boat. Even…
evrmore Super Shorts - Flow


Have you watched Pixar’s movie Ratatouille about a rat named Remy that has an unstoppable zest for cooking? He follows through on his passion, encouraged by a phrase he overhears that “Anyone can cook.” While he has a discerning talent for taste and smell, it is not what makes him the best chef in town. His journey of discovery with…
evrmore Super Shorts - Grit


Why are we better at things we naturally enjoy doing? It’s a simple question but understanding this will help you become better at things and enjoy them more, and it will help you improve your grit. As with most things in skills-building, it's a practice that gets better the more you do it, but the special bonus here is the…
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