Drop Into Your Flow

A smart journal that uses your voice and reflections to help you be the best version of yourself.

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Reclaim Your Power

Get continuous boosts of confidence and activation of your best qualities.

Reframe Your Life

Learn how to stay in the flow socially and emotionally, for now and for life.

When you form a better relationship with yourself, others follow.

Smart Voice Journal

Automatically turn your everyday thoughts, daydreams, and experiences into your flow state.

Game of Archetypes
(and maybe thrones)

Discover how your unique perspectives can help you gradually step into your personal myth.

evrmore helps sort out our emotions and process our feelings so we can build social-emotional skills
evrmore lets you create a series of time capsules for your own evrCast channel
evrmore for your unique archetype to activate your natural creativity
Social + Emotional Booster

Dynamic feedback to improve your IRL relationships – with yourself and others in everyday conversations.

Mastery Mapping

A complete body + speech + mind mapping to help you stay on track to reach your full potential.

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The Science Behind Archetypes

They are the universal encodings that influence our emotional states, our goals in life, and how we shape our memories and experiences every day.

3 of the major archetypes
evrmore Archetype - The Magician

The Magician

You are an inventor, a perceptive joggler of concepts and ideas. You represent the wonder to be found in curiosity and experimentation. When you're fully activated, you bring transformation to everything and everyone you touch.

evrmore Archetype - The Warrior

The Warrior

You are a challenger, a disciplined learner of body and mind. You represent the passion to be found in conviction and commitment. When you're fully activated, you bring enduring energy and stamina to every project and mission.

evrmore Archetype - The Seeker

The Seeker

You are an escape artist, a full-time dreamer of faraway places and visions. You represent the freedom to be found in growth and exploration. When you're fully activated, you bring unifying purpose and connection to every community.

Archetypes are universal stories that are being lived out by all of us: your family, your friends, and everyone you meet. We all share some default behaviors that show clues to which archetypal energy drives our perceptions and actions. When your archetypal energy is fully activated in a positive way, you have a rare window of opportunity for breakthrough and change.

Confidence. Resilience. Mastery.

How evrmore helps you develop competency in 3 key areas:


Shine With Presence

Build the same habit that successful people do - reflect - learn how to tap into your best qualities to make them work for you.


No More Worry-Spirals

Know how to navigate emotional encounters and practice reframing to get clarity in any social situation, issue or crisis.


Attract vs Detract

Learn from dynamic feedback to improve emotional and social skills solo, or with others IRL - Build your confidence in 3 conversations.