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talk things out

Voice record moments big and small. All your life stories are saved into Time Capsules for you to keep, share, and look back on another day. Stay in the moment or reflect later to process everything on your mind, in your own time.

evrmore helps you process everything on your mind to improve your wellness
evrmore helps reveal hidden patterns in your thoughts to improve the way you relate to yourself and others

reveal hidden patterns

See the voice signals in your Time Capsules to identify triggers and how different energies can influence your mood. evrmore can give you insight on how to improve the way you relate to yourself and others.

get into the zone

Discover how getting to know yourself can become a useful way to bounce back from difficult situations. Build confidence and self-knowledge by going on Quests and unlocking Visions that show you how to get into (and stay) in the zone.

evrmore helps you build confidence and self-knowledge to stay in the zone
evrmore gives you an AI you can train to help you progress towards your goals and build your personal myth

build your personal narrative (aka sense of self)

Where our attention goes, our energy flows. But it’s difficult to focus our attention when we lack a cohesive personal narrative (too many social profiles?).

Our personal narrative needs to be strong and evolving as we change because it affects how our mind works. A personal narrative helps us perceive our own life events and our place in the world. evrmore can help you create your own personal narrative by connecting your thoughts, feelings, interests, experiences, and goals. No nagging notifications. Just a smart and clear path forward.

Build Your Confidence + Resilience + Mastery

Take control of your personal narrative and play the role meant for your life.

evrmore works by giving you back shine and a strong self-narrative

Use the power of your voice to uncover your innermost thoughts and emotional needs. Turn everyday thoughts, dreams, and visions into a strong and unique
narrative for yourself.

evrmore works by letting you say goodbye to worry spirals & hello to your superpowers

Learn how to deal with emotional encounters, get out of worry spirals, and see unhelpful patterns that are not serving you. Step into your own hero's journey with purpose and clarity.

evrmore works by giving you meaning to chase instead of social proof

Build meaningful connections and improve your relationships with those who matter. Share your personal growth without FOMO or judgement. Rise now and rise together!

Did you know that there are universal characters hidden within you that play a role in your live unconsciously?

When you uncover your hidden archetype by getting to know the many aspects of yourself — you can harness the strength your archetype brings to put your best forward in everyday life.

evrmore Archetypes can show you different aspects of your personality to help you improve your mindset

Which archetype represents you?
Take the journey to self-knowledge
in the 📲 evrmore app

evrmore Archetypes

evrmore Archetype - The Magician

The Magician

You are an inventor, a skilled juggler of concepts and ideas.

evrmore Archetype - The Warrior

The Warrior

You are a protector, a disciplined learner of body and mind.

evrmore Archetype - The Seeker

The Seeker

You are an escape artist, a full-time dreamer of faraway places and visions.

evrmore Archetype - The Rebel

The Rebel

You are a front-runner, a brave challenger of inequity and conventions.

evrmore Archetype - The Sage

The Sage

You're an advisor, a reflective composer of meanings and discoveries.

evrmore Archetype - The Altruist

The Altruist

You are a giver, a generous provider of warmth and understanding.

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