Altruist / Always Caring. Benefit-Oriented & Conscientious. Perceptive.

The Heroic Journey to Personal Mastery

The start of my art journey was a way to capture the beautiful moments of my personal close friends. It slowly transitioned into exploring fan art of shows, games, and music. But over time, I realized that I had been creating art for others, which pushed me to create digital art for myself. The honest representation of myself who is constantly failing and growing, but relentless in my commitment to always improve.

“In the past, school and work was an easy way for me to distract myself from my internal emotional struggles. But being in quarantine has forced me to face my inner demons and I've had more time to reflect on the person I am — and more importantly, who I want to become. I want to be stronger, both mentally and physically. I want to spread more positivity. I want to be that inspiring light for others to be a better version of themselves.”

Dachelle's Reflection
Dachelle Alo - Personal Mastery

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