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The Heroic Journey to Personal Mastery

I want to be a strong proponent at the intersection of technology and mental health. It’s very important for me to spend time doing something that will have a positive impact on people. Can the technology we build help to lessen the emotional suffering of others? That’s how my heart is being guided.

“I'm passionate about extending mental health care through technology. For a year and a half, I assisted research at the UW on a study on the effectiveness of virtual treatment through online communities for youth with mental health issues like stress, anxiety, and depression. I learned so much about mental health care and how technology could help expand and extend it. This experience really solidified my desire to continue exploring this intersection in the future, as did my work with the companies evrmore and Daybreak health.”

Nithya's Reflection
evrmore Youth Alchemist - Nithya

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