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Success or failure, our attitudes determine the outcome. Henry Ford said it best “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you are right.” When we have confidence that we can accomplish a task, we look for ways to deal with any obstacles and keep trying until we reach success.

When we believe in ourselves, our mind treats obstacles as temporary and gives us the determination to keep looking for solutions. Imagine if you did not believe that you can accomplish a task, you may try at first, but very quickly you will give up. This confidence in your own ability to accomplish a task comes from optimism and belief in yourself. It results in greater resilience, perseverance, and success.

A person who is confident in their ability to reach the goal believes that with enough effort a goal can be accomplished and keeps persisting. As they look for ways to reach the goal, they try things, understand what works better, build skills, habits, and expertise. In a virtuous cycle, grit results in the improvement of skills and reinforces confidence. On the flip side, when we lack confidence, obstacles are perceived as proof of imminent failure. It’s the inner “I told you so” voice that makes us give up before we get a chance to learn new skills and habits necessary to reach the goal. This creates a vicious cycle of failed achievement of goals and feeling less confident, resulting in timidity when facing challenges.



Write (or record a Time Capsule on evrmore) about a recent time in which you experienced a negative event. What were positive consequences, even if unexpected, that came out of it? What insight have you gained from this event?



Neuroscience demonstrates that people have the potential to change. Consider that bad habits or a behavior can be changed. Record an example of how a behavior (in the past, present, or future as you tag your Time Capsules on evrmore) you want to change can be transformed by leveraging one of your talents.


By Inna Yulman
Certified Coach, ACC

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