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Human Experience: The New HX Report

By February 6, 2022February 15th, 2022No Comments

Aligning Our Tech Future With Our Human Experience

Improving the technology we use daily is a complex process involving multiple systems of interrelated parts.

The new HX Report – Aligning Our Tech Future With Our Human Experience is filled with a diverse range of backgrounds and perspectives, including Ivy’s interview.

It also contains resources from over 100 organizations about the emerging concept of HX (Human Experience). An amazing culmination of tireless and knowledgeable efforts and commitment by All Tech Is Human‘s editors and working groups.

Download the report here

"I think before we can talk about an approach [to aligning technology with our human experience] we need to first understand our current viewpoint. We’re never just using something (as a user). There’s always an interaction and a degree of integration." — Ivy Mahsciao, CEO of evrmore

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